3 Celebrities Who Are Dating Billionaires

| July 1, 2013

Billionaires get to fly around the world in their private jets to mansions in exotic locations that are loaded with expensive cars, fine wine, hot tubs, valuable art, private chefs and more. Another perk of being a billionaire, is you get to date pretty much anyone in the world you want. Even if your dream crush is happily married, with a billion dollar bank account at your disposal there’s a good chance you can make something happen. Unless your dream crush is married to another billionaire. In that case, you better make sure that your jet is bigger, your yacht is more luxurious and your private island more exclusive. And just for inspiration, here is a list of 7 billionaires who are dating or are married to celebrities:

1. Salma Hayek & Francois Henri Pinault (net worth $15 billion)

Speaking of Balenciaga, that’s just one of the many luxury brands Salma Hayek’s husband Francois Henri Pinault owns through his holding company PPR (soon to be renamed “Kering”). Pinault also owns Gucci, Puma, Brioni, Girard Perregaux and many more ultra high end retail brands. Salma and Francois were married in 2009 and share a five year old daughter named Valentina.

2. Elle Macpherson – Jeffrey Soffer (net worth $1 billion)

After dating for two years then breaking up, supermodel Elle Macpherson finally was engaged to Miami real estate billionaire Jeffrey Soffer in March 2013. Elle is no stranger to dating billionaires, she has two sons with Swiss financier Arpad Busson (who is currently dating Uma Thurman). Soffer runs Turnbery Associates which owns luxury real estate properties in Las Vegas, Orlando, Arlington and the Bahamas. Soffer also survived a terrible helicopter crash in November 2012. One of his close friends did not survive the crash. Perhaps Jeff realized life is too short and Elle Macpherson is not worth losing again!

3. Uma Thurman & Arpad Busson (net worth $1 billion)

As we mentioned above, after his relationship with Elle Macpherson ended, Swiss billionaire Arpad Busson found comfort in the arms of actress Uma Thurman. Not a bad consolation prize! Uma and Arpad first met in 2007. They broke up a handful of times until they re-united and welcomed a daughter in July 2012.


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