Palm Surgery for a Better Love Line/Life

| April 27, 2013

Ridiculous but true!

I feng shui’d the room

I don’t be familiar with you, but back when My spouse and I was single and desperate to uncover “the one” I tried a great deal of crazy crap. I feng shui’d the room. I read the horoscope consistently. I’ve been to a psychic, I’ve been to a dream analyst, I’ve enlisted the aid of a woman who claimed to talk to angels. When Mercury was a student in retrograde, I just knew it had been a waste of time leaving my house. I know I’m one of many here. Many women — along with dare I say this, most women — will be the same way. We need to believe that there is a reason we are nevertheless single. But no one I know is this crazy.

They have come to my attention with a well-placed article on the actual Daily Mail that Japanese people women — and adult males! — are undergoing cosmetic “palm” surgery so as to change their luck. Yes, friends, these folks are burning love lines into their skin via an electrical scalpel which leaves a new semi-permanent scar. Dang.

Though this isn’t cause for widespread panic, it ought to be noted that 37 procedures are already performed between January 2011 and might 2013.

It does not take women who wish for better luck in love, of course: men, additional practically, are trying to improve their success and money.

We all know that belief can be a powerful thing

Does this sound as crazy for you as it does in my opinion? We all know that belief can be a powerful thing, but we’re talking concerning actually altering your body so as to change your luck. Nevertheless, you can’t change fate. If something is meant to happen, it’s about to happen, and you’re just going to should be patient and wait and think of yourself as as happy in your own life as is possible. When you want one thing so badly that it’s always in every thought, inevitably it will certainly not come.

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